Neck Pain

Neck Pain, Cricked Neck. Twisted Neck. Wry Neck. Torticollis.

Your symptoms

“I’m struggling to turn my head.”

“It’s as if my neck has locked.”

“There is a sharp pain in my neck, shoulder blade and even in my arm”.

“I have had a car accident and keep getting neck pain”

Why is it hurting?

Sometimes due to incorrect forward head position, prolonged postures, awkward sleeping positions or lifting, the joints of the neck and muscles can be placed under an abnormal biomechanical strain. This can cause the joints to become inflammed and cause muscle spasm in that location, locking up the neck because it can no longer sustain the tension.

Will further investigations be necessary?

Not usually. However, a thorough examination by one of our Chiropractors to rule out any potential hidden causes to your problem would be very beneficial. There’s always a chance that an underlying biomechanical problem has been the trigger and why your neck has locked up in this way.

What’s the outlook?

Quite often, symptom following treatment will improve within 24 to 48 hours. However, it can take up to month for your symptoms to completely resolve and for you to feel back to normal. Our Chiropractor can use gentle spinal joint manipulations to correct any misalignments whilst also treating the muscles with massage techniques and stretches. . And if there is any weakness, neck exercises can be prescribed to help make sure this doesn’t occur again.

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