Knee Pain

┬áKnee Pain. Jumper’s Knee. Runner’s Knee. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.

Your symptoms

“There’s a pain on the inside of the joint.”

“It pops or clicks.”

“It hurts to go up or down stairs.”

“It hurts when I run.”

Why is it hurting?

This is difficult to say without a full examination. The knee joint is very complex and symptoms like these could be related to an old injury or trauma. However, it could also be a biomechanical problem including muscle imbalances (either weak or overactive) or simply poor function of the muscle. It could be injured due to an associated injury to your ankle, hip or low back.

Will further investigations be necessary?

It all depends on the presentation and your symptoms. If there was recent trauma with a popping or clicking sound, then it is likely that imaging such as MRI or X-ray would be required to determine the extent of any damage. Our Chiropractor or Physiotherapist will decide if imaging is necessary following your initial examination. We can arrange relevant imaging for you without delay.

What’s the outlook?

If there’s no significant damage and it’s not a biomechanical problem, a combination of conservative treatment and rehabilitation exercises should restore your knee function again. If there is significant damage then we can arrange a surgical consultation for you.

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