Ankle Pain

Your symptoms

“There is pain on the outside of my ankle, possibly after rolling the ankle.”

“It hurts to push off the floor with my ankle.”

“It hurts when I run.”

“My ankle feels very stiff.”

Why is it hurting?

There are many bones and joints that make the ankle joint, and some of the numerous joints and ligaments can be affected and causing pain. Symptoms could also be related to an old injury or trauma. However, the most common ankle complaint is a sprained ankle (rolled/ twisted ankle). This is when the ligaments, most commonly on the outside of the ankle, are over-stretched or even torn by overloading them during the twist.

Will further investigations be necessary?

Most probably not, however if there is a lot of swelling/bruising/pain especially following the trauma then an X-ray should be administered to rule out any fractures. Stiffness in the ankle maybe present due to scar tissue or bony growths, therefore a diagnostic ultrasound or MRI scan may be more suitable to establish the exact damage.

What’s the outlook?

The outlook is generally very good for ankle injuries. So long as there is no significant damage e.g. fractures or ruptured ligaments/tendons. Pain should be starting to be considerably better after a week or two, and so long as you complete the rehabilitation program reoccurrence should not take place. A study showed that after an ankle sprain a person is 72% more likely to sprain the same ankle again if no rehabilitation is undertaken!

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