30 Day Planking Challenge

With 3 of the Body Consultancy team on Body by vi shakes I thought I had better get on this health kick band wagon too!

Cutting down my calorie intake (no naughty chocolate snacks), cutting out bread as much as I can throughout the day (French baguettes are my downfall) and increasing my exercise during the week is my way of dieting.  It may not be a fast diet loss programme, but it’s something I can deal with (and I don’t have to cut out all the foods I love).

I joined Frankie at the gym one day and we did a circuit training session, designed by Frankie herself (she’s very good). One of the stations was planking for a minute. Now whilst this was incredibly hard (normally I giggle too much and end up collapsing in a heap) it inspired me to try and get better at it.  I found a challenge online: the 30 day planking challenge. This involves planking almost everyday for an increasing amount of time for the 30 days.

30 day plank

Planking is a great way to work on your core strength. It works your upper and lower abs, obliques and your lower back.  It also builds stabiliser muscles and promotes good posture to prevent back injuries!! What more could you want!

So join me, on my 30 day planking challenge. I want to hear all about  your adventures.

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