Remedial and Sports Massage: Useful for Golfers

Most Golfers will experience tightness and tenderness in various muscles associated with golf which can be exacerbated by poor posture, poor golf technique, no warm-up or preparation and intense practice regimes.

Specific points of tenderness can be where muscles join the tendons or where the tendons join onto the bones. However, golfers can also experience spasm in bellies of the muscles themselves. To alleviate these problems, ‘Remedial and Sports’ massage can be used.

Sports and Remedial Massage is utilised as a preventative, corrective and rehabilitative therapy.

Remedial Massage aids in returning soft tissue to a totally pain free and fully functional (strength and length) range of motion.

Remedial Massage addresses muscle imbalances which occur when the body is continually fixed in a permanent position or involved in repetitive actions such as range practice or through poor posture (i.e. putting, chipping, driving to and from the golf course or sitting at desks).

Remedial Massage is a treatment that can be applied specifically to help prevent an injury or the recurrence of a past injury. In a sport like golf where the vast majority of injuries are caused by overuse or are chronic in nature and often a result of poor everyday posture and muscle imbalances resulting in poor technique, this is very important.

Remedial Massage is a hands on approach, working on many levels within the body. It is the unique way in which it combines the various techniques of massage to suit the individual golfer which makes it such a versatile and effective treatment method.

How will Remedial Massage help to enhance my golf game?

It can reduce tension and anxiety especially when the golfer feels under pressure allowing golf to be played from a better mental state of mind.

It will assist the lymphatic system, act upon and eradicate toxins that build up in the body e.g. lactic acid build up from walking, practice and playing.

It will help reduce muscle tightness that can lead to or cause postural imbalances.

It will increase your range of movement, by loosening stiff joints and tight muscles. Creating a freer more fluid motion in the golf swing.

It can reduce muscle spasms and scar tissue especially in over tight areas.

Finally, mentally it also creates body awareness, generates a feeling of well being and can affect the receiver on energetic level too.

Body by Vi Team BC update!

It’s time to give you an update of Team BC on the Body By Vi 90 day challenge. The photos below were taken after 5 weeks.All three have commented on how improved their energy levels have been. No more 3pm slump which only a coffee could cure! They have all had their naughty moments with take-aways and social nights out, but despite these natural slip ups the shakes are paying off and giving the results as you can see below.Frankie has lost 10lbs


Paolo 16 lbs


Mark 7lbs



If you want to know more about the product or want to join the team on their 90 Day Challenge please either email us or give us a call and we will be pleased to help you start your journey.

30 Day Planking Challenge

With 3 of the Body Consultancy team on Body by vi shakes I thought I had better get on this health kick band wagon too!

Cutting down my calorie intake (no naughty chocolate snacks), cutting out bread as much as I can throughout the day (French baguettes are my downfall) and increasing my exercise during the week is my way of dieting.  It may not be a fast diet loss programme, but it’s something I can deal with (and I don’t have to cut out all the foods I love).

I joined Frankie at the gym one day and we did a circuit training session, designed by Frankie herself (she’s very good). One of the stations was planking for a minute. Now whilst this was incredibly hard (normally I giggle too much and end up collapsing in a heap) it inspired me to try and get better at it.  I found a challenge online: the 30 day planking challenge. This involves planking almost everyday for an increasing amount of time for the 30 days.

30 day plank

Planking is a great way to work on your core strength. It works your upper and lower abs, obliques and your lower back.  It also builds stabiliser muscles and promotes good posture to prevent back injuries!! What more could you want!

So join me, on my 30 day planking challenge. I want to hear all about  your adventures.

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