Frankie’s Achilles Heel…

You may or may not have noticed our Frankie hobbling around the clinic on occasion, but she has been and that’s due to an injury. Yes that’s right your chiropractor gets injured too! She has developed Plantar Fasciitis which is typically pain in the heel bone which mainly occurs when you stand up after resting for a period of time.

Many of you may be performing this John Wayne impression every morning and just put it down to “old age” when in fact something can be done about it. Want to know more about it? Please read on…

What is the plantar fascia? Well it’s a very strong ligament starting from your heel bone, running the length of your foot and fanning out attaching to the bottom of your toes and it is very important in stabilising the foot whilst walking. It’s not just runner’s that get this problem but very often comes on when a person suddenly becomes active after a period of rest. In Frankie’s case she began football training again on hard AstroTurf pitch having not played for almost 18 months. plantar fascia

Unfortunately the best remedy for such an injury is rest, rest and more rest. However if you are like Frankie and too stubborn to rest because you love your sport, then there are other options. It just means it will take longer to get better. These are the main things you can do…

1) Ice the arch of your foot. The best way is to put a can of coke in the fridge so it’s nice and cold, place it on the floor then with the arch of your foot roll the can back and forth for approximately 1-2 minutes. This will help to decrease the inflammation generated in the plantar fascia.

2) Stretch your calf muscles! Did you know that your Achilles tendon attaches underneath the heel bone and onto the point of pain? No? Well now you do so stretch, stretch and stretch some more!

3) Now this bit you can’t do on your own and requires the skills of Mark or Frankie. You body is a kinematic chain, and by that I mean that everything is connected and influences another part, so just because your foot has the pain doesn’t mean it’s the foot that causes it. This is where you need to get your pelvic alignment checked. Chances are your pelvis is misaligned causing strange forces on your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps thus placing bad forces on your knee, which then means the muscles from the knee controlling your ankle are not functioning correctly and this can lead to foot pain. It’s a long chain of potential underlying problems, so get checked out!

4) To help strengthen your plantar fascia the best exercise is toe grasping. Standing barefoot you can scrunch your toes up. To make more of a challenge put a cloth on the floor and try to grip the cloth with your toes. If that gets too easy then try picking up a pencil with your toes!

So that wraps up Plantar Fasciitis. If you would like more information or would like to chat with one of our chiropractors about this or a similar problem please do not hesitate to call or email us at Body Consultancy.

Team BC on the Body ByVi 90 Day Challenge

So last Monday Mark, Frankie and Paolo had a weigh in (shocking) and took some “before” photos to help monitor their progress on this 90 Day Challenge. We will be keeping you up to date fortnightly with their weight loss and photos so you can see their progress (below) .

All three have signed up to the latest meal replacement plan by Body ByVi, which involves 2 shakes to replace breakfast and lunch followed by a healthy dinner in the evening. Some light snacks can be had during the day. So far they have completed 1 week!

Body ByVi is a revolutionary meal replacement plan, high in protein and contains all the vitamins and minerals you need each day to form a balanced diet. The product has only been available for 3 years in the USA and over this time is has quickly become a leading weight loss program second only to Weight Watchers!

The best thing about the diet is that it fills you up and tastes great leaving you with the freedom to experiment with flavours and keep things different each day. If you’d like to find out more about the product and even join the team on the quest to shed a few pounds please just ask your practitioner or give us a call to chat with them.


Body Consultancy Updates

Mark has recently had a review meeting with Steve Hard the senior physiotherapist at Bournemouth football club and our very own physiotherapist at Body Consultancy.

The meeting has secured Mark’s future as the official Chiropractor for the football club for the next 12 months. Mark, our lead practitioner, has been the official Chiropractor for over 6 years. This will enable a greater use of chiropractic services to the first team at AFC Bournemouth which will hopefully help prevent any spinal injury problems within the first team squad enabling Eddie Howe to have a full complement of players at his disposal whenever possible.

Bournemouth has been promoted to the championship league for the very first time this year which is a huge achievement – congratulations boys!

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