Sports injury? Remember the PRICE!

The PRICE stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and is used for treating acute sports injury within the first 2-3 days following the injury taking place.

Below you will find the different stages of healing, when this happens in the injury timescale, what actually happens and what care you should seek.

Inflammation will happen 0-72 hours after the injury takes place. Due to a complex interaction of chemical mediators, swelling will occur.  At this stage it is important to ice the injury, rest it and use an anti-inflammatory.

Proliferation will happen 48 hours – 3 weeks after the injury. Tissue repair begins with new blood vessels forming and collagen fibres laid down.  This is the right time to seek chiropractic symptom care.

Maturation will take place 2 weeks – 3months after the injury initially took place. There will be an increase in tissue strength and a final scar will be produced as close to the original tissue as possible. It is important to be having chiropractic restoration care and then maintenance care to ensure a fuller recovery.

Remember if you have any questions about any of this Mark or Frankie are willing and able to answer them!




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