Sport fanatic?

Here at Body Consultancy we’re plagued by a bug.  What dangerous bug is this I hear you ask! Well it’s the golf bug. Mark loves it. Will loves it. Lots of our patients play it so regularly they could call the golf course their second home.

So how can you keep this love affair going and avoid joint and muscle pain?

The key is flexibility!

It is especially important to have flexibility of the spine, shoulders, hips and pelvis which as any keen golfer would be able to tell me are the key components of a good golf swing!

Whilst flexibility can improve your game in the long run, it also decreases the likelihood of experiencing injury while practicing or playing.  It is important to have both joint mobility and muscle pliability.

A golf swing depends on nearly every joint between the tips of the toes and the ends of the fingers.  If there is any limitation in the motion of any of these joints it will burden other ‘healthier’ joints causing unnecessary strain and contributing to increased muscular fatigue.

So what’s the solution??

The joint chain is useless without muscles to both support and move the bones of the skeleton. Therefore, any effort to treat golf-related injuries or improve the golf swing means addressing both the joint mechanics AND muscle flexibility. Chiropractic adjustments can address the affected joints whilst muscle therapy is effective at restoring flexibility to tight damaged muscles.

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